Get to know Apple.

Who is Apple Crider?

Apple Crider first got into the world of entrepreneurship and personal finance in 2014 when he started a somewhat illegal flipping business in high school. Although he quickly realized that he’d be better off running above-the-board businesses, this first business set the stage for many more to come.

Since then, Apple has scaled multiple internet businesses to over 5 figures per month in the digital marketing and content production industries. Throughout growing these businesses, he’s documented his process through his YouTube channel and podcast that have received over one million views.

Apple’s true passion has always been for personal finance though. As a credit card enthusiast and avid tax code reader, Apple is a personal finance nerd at heart. He’s currently pursuing his next major project, building a wealth management company for other online entrepreneurs who want to focus on their business and not their personal finances.

Apple recently passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER exam and is currently taking on clients for financial coaching.

Graham Stephan Apple Crider