Credit Card Roadmap

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One-On-One Consulting with Apple To Master The Credit Card Game

Are you looking to take advantage of credit card rewards to travel the world for free?

Have you heard about people accumulating thousands of dollars in free travel but you’re not quite sure how the system works?

Could you use some guidance in laying out a Credit Card Roadmap for you to follow so that you don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of this stuff yourself?

If I’m being honest here, I am a huge credit card nerd who had amassed over half a million credit card points by my 21st birthday. 

I research and study credit card trends and strategies everyday because it’s what I love to do.

I also recognize that I’m in the minority here and that some people (read: normal people) would prefer to just have a fully flushed out gameplan laid out for them to follow instead of doing all the research themselves.

This is a win-win all around because it lets me nerd out about credit cards even more and it helps you benefit from years of credit card knowledge without having to do the heavy lifting yourself.

The process

Step 1

Establish Goals

Sit down with Apple for 30 minutes to discuss your situation and your goals with credit cards.

Step 2

Create Roadmap

Apple will create a fully personalized 1 year Credit Card Roadmap based on your situation and goals.

Step 3

Discuss Roadmap

We'll sit down again to go over your Roadmap and answer any questions you have about how to use it.

Step 4

Rewards Time!

Now you'll have everything you need to maximize your credit card rewards and a direct line to Apple.

Ready to get started?

Credit Card Roadmap Planning

Book Your Credit Card Roadmap Now

I’ve worked with dozens of people to help them amass hundreds of thousands of credit card points by laying out a simple Roadmap for them to follow.

From college students just getting started with credit, to busy executives, to stay-at-home parents it’s possible to build an optimized credit card strategy that will be simple to follow. (The average Roadmap requires under 30 minutes per month to implement)

If you want an easy-to-follow path for racking up thousands in free travel, then you’ll get significant ROI from this investment.