How To Invest In Real Estate Using Your Retirement Account (Self-Directed IRAs)

Dan Kryzanowski

Join Apple Crider (Young Smart Money) and Dan Kryzanowski (Rocket Dollar) as they chat about self-directed accounts, retirement, and financial freedom. He shares how he started getting into real estate and learned how he could utilize his retirement dollars for different purposes other than “retirement.” Dan explains what first liens are, what having a custodian means, the importance of having checkbook control, and everything in between. He also reveals why other financial giants like Vanguard or Charles Schwab don’t go by his methods.

By the end of this episode, you will learn different ways to grow financially through real estate, other uses of self-directed IRA’s, and to put more thought into retirement. Enjoy!


Meet Dan Kryzanowski

Revenue-driving executive with a gritty, empathic “entrepreneurial mindset” responsible for leading new initiatives, partners, and teams across the US and globally to produce significant revenue wins in the IOT and physical worlds:

è  15 Yrs.+ Client-Facing Leadership (EVP of Business Development & Marketing, Head of Account Management). Real Estate, FinTech, Enterprise Software (SaaS / PaaS / FaaS).

è 10 Yrs. Commercial Leadership at GE Capital & Merrill Lynch (NPS / VOC / SWAPS).

è 5 Yrs. of FinTech (FT), Investor / Banking software sales & retention in Austin.

è 3 Major Turnarounds and GTM of Post-Acquisition business units (Increased Valuation 9-figures)

è 2 Languages (Spanish, English), 2 Universities (Wharton, Thunderbird), 2 Certifications (PMP, TSSB Finder).

Niche Expertise and Personal Interests:

✔ Investor, mentor, and speaker/author/podcast guest across the Family Office, FinTech and Real Estate communities: 100+ events/articles/interviews in 2019

✔ Niche expertise in Alternative Investments, Checkbook Control Self-Directed accounts (SDIRA, Solo 401(k), and Self-Storage: $100,000,000+ assets transferred

✔ Volunteer with HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth), empowering thousands of high school sophomores to develop leadership skills and embrace real world experiences in a collaborative, open environment: 1,000+ Ambassadors since 2011


The full transcript of the episode can be found here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

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